The Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial, Inc. has the scholarship program up and running!

Victims’ grandchildren and great-grandchildren should fill out the Scholarship Form linked below.


(Must be 25 years of age or younger)

“The good part is we were able to help these students, the sad part is none of them ever knew their Grandparents or Great Grandparents.  Hearing from and seeing these students, tells us they have some very proud Grandparents and Great Grandparents smiling down on them…….”

The Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial Inc.

Shawn, Peggy, Marlene, & Barb

Awarded Scholars

2015 Scholarships Presented

Alyssa Emmons

Lois McCargo was my mother who lost her life in the flood. This is my granddaughter Alyssa who has learned that her Great grandmother Lois McCargo was one special Lady. Alyssa never had the chance to know her Great Grandmother and like all of you our families are still deeply affected by that night in “1976”.

She loved to sew, I remember when I was growing up how she would see a dress in the store window and she would make a pattern on newspaper lay it on the material cut it out and sew a new dress for me just like it. When Alyssa Mom Kim and Cousin Mike were born 20 days apart, mom took scraps of carpet and used fabric to accent the ears made stuffed elephant for both of them, Kim still has hers to this day.

She loved to sew, I remember when I was growing up how she would see a dress in the store window and she would make a pattern on newspaper lay it on the material cut it out and sew a new dress for me just like it. When Alyssa Mom Kim and Cousin Mike were born 20 days apart, mom took scraps of carpet and used fabric to accent the ears made stuffed elephant for both of them, Kim still has hers to this day.

She loved to bake; on her property were apple trees. She also had a goat by the name of “Whiskey” he would eat all the fermented apples until he was stuffed. Wonder where he got his Name??? Mom made wonderful apple pies. A few years back Kim and Alyssa stopped by the property, her mom immediately spotted an apple in the top of that tree, it took some doing but they got it down yum!!! Lois had just built a new home less than a year before the flood, which was washed away also. Mostly we cherish the legacy that remains about my mom and Alyssa’s Great Grandma Lois.

Caleb Morningstar

Caleb is the Great Grandson of Leon and Dorothy Morningstar who perished in the Flood of “76” they were farmers in Lisbon Iowa. Keith their oldest son, my Grandpa and my Grandmother lived just down the road in from where I live. The flood that transpired more than a decade before I was born, I can still detect the rippling effects of it. His dad tells how our family pulled together after the flood. They stay together a little longer at family gatherings, and hugged a little tighter when they leave.

Caleb is the Great Grandson of Leon and Dorothy Morningstar who perished in the Flood of “76” they were farmers in Lisbon Iowa. Keith their oldest son, my Grandpa and my Grandmother lived just down the road in from where I live. The flood that transpired more than a decade before I was born, I can still detect the rippling effects of it. His dad tells how our family pulled together after the flood. They stay together a little longer at family gatherings, and hugged a little tighter when they leave.

Sadly to say in 2012 Caleb’s Grandmother Jo who has attend many of our services, was on her way to town and a speeding train hit her and her life was suddenly taken. He now understood, why at each family gathering they did what they did.

We feel we can Thank the Flood of “76” in an odd sort of way because it brought our families closer together preparing us for the death of my Dads mother/my Grandmother Jo in a most beautiful way.

Caleb is attending his 2nd year at Iowa State University and Majoring in Graphic Design.

Best of luck to you!!!

Dinah Appelbaum

Dinah never knew her Grandpa Joseph Appelbaum, she was born many years after the flood. Her dad James talked about him though; he was the youngest of 8 children in their family. According to my dad Joseph was a kind and wonderful man. It makes Dinah sad that she never had that opportunity to know him. However she is very proud to be an Appelbaum, and honored to be his last Grandchild.

Dinah is going on her 3rd year at Valparaiso University in Indiana, and is majoring in Marketing.

Thank you for the scholarship in his memory, I will do my best to make him proud.

We wish her the best as she continues her education.

2014 Scholarships Presented

The 38th Memorial Service (2014) was remembered by those attending witnessing the awarding of the 2014 Scholarships.

Reginald (Reggie)

Reggie is the Great Grandson of Lois McCargo, Lois lived in the Canyon, where the forks park is now, had just built a beautiful new home on the river in 1975, lived in it 7 months before the flood took it and her life.

Reggie did not have the privilege of knowing Lois his great grandmother. So he talked with his Grandmother Sharon she remembers her mother as telling her stories before she went to bed, sometimes they were out of a book and sometimes ones she made up out of her head.

She enjoyed working in a garden, canning food, and making apple pies and applesauce. She had beautiful Lilies in her back yard, and my parents have offspring’s of them in our yard today. I wish I had known her, but these memories help to bring us closer.

Reggie is attending Colorado School of Mines, and is majoring in Petroleum Engineering.

Keep up the good work, Grandma Lois would be proud of you.

Kathryn Weibezahl (wy-ba-zol)

Kathryn’s Great Grandmother was Nora Foster (Huffnagle) She and her Husband Ken lived in Cedar Cove, they both perished in the flood of “1976.”

Kate says she has learned a lot about her Great Grandmother about the qualities and strength that have been passed down through the generations.

Nora was a seamstress and she made costumes for the University of Nebraska’s Theatrical productions. She always had a way of finding a loose button or a ripped pair of pants and fixing them. She behaved with such tranquility and did not let a stressful situations upset her. I hope that her traits will carry through to me and I possess that calming manner that was so prevalent in the demeanor of my Great Grandmother Nora Foster.

Kathryn is attending The University of Chicago and Majoring in Political Science, Good Luck Kathryn.!!!!!

Erin Morningstar

Erin Lost her great grandparents Leon & Dorothy Morningstar they were from Lisbon, Iowa. Erin grew up with a faint knowledge of the Great Flood. She never understood until she was riding home from a volleyball game with her Grandmother (Joan) one evening. She don’t remember why they started talking about the Flood, but she remembers the sinking feeling she had in her chest as her grandmother started telling her what had happened.

The fact was they were ready to go to Colorado on vacation also and meet Leon & Dorothy there. However the cows got out and it took all day to round them up and so they could not leave until the next day. Those cows likely saved their lives. She continued on to tell me of the horror that followed in the weeks to come. This car ride with her Grama was the first glimpse she had seen of the pain her family endured that dreadful summer. If it were not for the (the cows) they would not be here either. Erin says, I am not lucky, I am blessed. This story reminds Erin to be thankful for the time she is given. Our Family is a hard working bunch she can only assume it was handed down by her Great Grandfather Lefty as they called him.

Erin is attending her last year at “John Browns University” in Arkansas and majoring in Marketing. She wants to thank you all for this Scholarship in Memory of her Great Grandparents.

Erin may all your wishes come true!!!

(Her father is going to be here, Doug, you could have him accept it)

2013 Scholarships Presented

The 37th Memorial Service (2013) was remembered by those attending witnessing the awarding of the 2013 Scholarships.

Alyssa Vair

Alyssa is the Great Granddaughter of Lois McCargo who was tragedy swept away in the “Flood of 1976”.

Alyssa is the product of the life that her Great grandmother once lived. Without her Great Grandmothers values she would never be the woman she is today. Lois raised my grandmother Sharon to the woman that I know today and love. Then in life’s circle Grandma and Grandpa brought my father Michael into the world. Without Lois’s first sculpting of my grandmother, I would not have the same values of life that have been passed down by my Great grandmother.

However out of the devastation and sorrow, something has risen within this scholarship, Lois’s generosity and heart still lives on even though she is not here. This Scholarship pays honor to her life. Alyssa will be attending her first year at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Co.

Thank you for granting me this Scholarship.

Our best wishes are with you Alyssa!

Anthony Ealy Lasson (E-lee La-sson)

Tony lost his Grandfather Ealy Augustus Lee (known as Doc) sadly in the Big Thompson Flood of 1976. Ealy loved his family and home in Cedar Cove on the river.

He got his name as Doc while in the Army. One of the men got a rash that wouldn’t clear up so he told him to use Neko soap and Calamine lotion, the guy was cured and from there on Ealy was known as Doc.

He loved to fish but didn’t eat them except for one time when he arrived home from World War II. He married Mary and they had 5 beautiful girls.

It was said that if Doc couldn’t make it or fix it, it couldn’t be done. He never had an enemy, was a fair and honest man who loved to talk to everybody.

Tony learned a lot about himself in doing this research about his grandfather Doc Lee. He is also grateful for this Scholarship in Memory of his Grandfather.

Tony is attending the Institute of Business and Medical Careers in Fort Collins and Majoring in Business Administration and Accounting.

Best of luck Tony

Tanner Laurence Osborn

His Great Grandmother was Frances Bokelman known as Nana by all. His mom was 10 years old when she lost her Nana.

Nana was quit a lady, She drove a school bus for many years, and still lots of stories being told about her today.

Receiving this scholarship in honor of my Great Grandmother is really special to me. I have been accepted to University of Colorado Colorado Springs. I am majoring in business.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Best wishes Tanner

Allyson Ann Clark

Ally is the Great Granddaughter of Clarence Waters, who perished the night of the flood along with his wife Mary Sue.

What I have learned about my Great Grandpa has come mostly from my Dad Mark and Grandma Pam. They have told me what a good and special person he was. Though we never met I feel he is with me and we will meet one day.

He could dance the night away. He loved fishing and camping and that’s what he was doing the night of the flood.

The more I learn about him I realize his love for people and children. Of all the traits handed down, I think this is the one thing I have inherited from him which I am proud of.

I plan on going to Metro Community College this fall majoring in Secondary Education; I want to be a special education teacher. I graduated from the Catholic school this spring, so some day I plan on meeting my Great Grandpa in heaven and weÕll go fishing together.

Until then I can only wait.

Thank you for this Scholarship it means a lot to me.

God Bless you Ally

Christopher Cotton

Christopher is the Great Grandson of Joseph Appelbaum. Joseph and his wife Norma perished in the flood.

When Chris first realized his great Grandfather had lost his life in the Flood of 1976 he was in shock. All he could imagine was what a horrific and frightening way to lose one’s life.

It put life in a completely different perspective for him, knowing that someone can disappear in an instant.

As Chris enters the University of Washington for a second year he is now considering Computer science major. Chris says: “whatever I do I know my Great Grandfather would be proud of me.”

Thank you for the Scholarship in Memory of my Great Grandfather.

Good luck to you Chris whatever you do!!

Kristen Karkiewicz (car-kay-witz)

Kristen is the Grandchild of John and Judith Plant who was lost along with their son Michael. As Kristen says “everything happens for a reason.” For some this is the day when grandparents of unborn grandchildren lost their lives. I am one of those grandchildren. If my mom had went that day I would never have been born.

In July 2001 we attended the 25th remembrance service. We went to the river it was so peaceful, how could it have caused so much Tragedy? I did a lot of growing up that day, this is where my mom lost her parents and brother, yet she was so calm, I wanted to be like her instead of being angry at the river. So that day I took are part of the river home with me, it was just a rock but it means the world to me.

That summer I was 10 years old, mom was preparing me how to overcome sadness and anger.. 2 months later she lost her life to Cancer. Because of what she taught me that summer in 2001 I was able to accept her loss.

This is my final year at the University of Illinois I am Majoring in Animal Sciences. As I receive my diploma I do know they will be proud of me. This Scholarship means that the loss of my Grandparents and Uncle has not been forgotten. Thank you..

Our best to you Kristen

2012 Scholarships Presented

The 36th Memorial Service (2012) was remembered by those attending witnessing the awarding of the 2012 Scholarships.

Molly Nelson

Molly lives with her Grandparents Dwight and Kati Nelson in Northeastern Co. She lost her Great Grandparents Bill & Myrtle Nelson in the flood. Molly is attending South Dakota school of Mines, in Rapid City South Dakota. Her dream is to accomplish a BachelorÕs degree in chemical engineering. Your Great Grandparents would be so proud of You.

Her Goal is to obtain a job with a big company like Shell, and work with them to create new types of fuels, and more efficient ways of processing them. As Molly says something has to be done and we are all behind you.

What a great thing to do for our country.

Good Luck Molly hold onto your dream.

Alexandra Little

What Alexandra knows about her Great Grandfather Joseph Appelbaum & wife Norma has been passed down to her by family. They loved to travel, exactly what they were doing when their lives were taken.

This Scholarship is a blessing, taking some of the burden off of her parents. She is attending St. Charles Community College in Missouri. She is majoring in business. Her dream is to get her 2 year degree then transfer to Lindenwood College to complete her 4 year degree.

Alex says she feels really Blessed to know that even though she lost her Great Grandpa & Norma in the flood that they are still helping her achieve her dream through this Scholarship & a part of them will always be with her.

We wish you all the best Alex.

Colton Clark

Colton is the Great Grandson of Clarence Waters who perished in the flood along with his wife Mary Sue.

He is attending Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa & Majoring in Architecture. Colton was asked how the Scholarship would benefit him, he said thatÕs easy to answer in terms of financial support, but it goes much deeper than that. Colton has learned so much about his Great Grandfather while applying for this Scholarship. When visiting with his Grandfather about the flood & he losing his father it has given Colton a new understanding of the flood, & how lives were changed forever. Colton has learned family is important, & should come first.

You will always be in our hearts, Good Luck!

Heidi Young

Heidi is our first Great Great Grandchild to receive a Scholarship. Her Great Great Grandmother Nora (Foster) married Ken Hufnagle in July 1974. They moved into their little home in Cedar Cove shortly thereafter.

On July 31st, 1976 HeidiÕs Grandfather Mike was going to take his then 4 year old daughter Cassandra to Nora & Kens for the night & planned to install some rain gutters the next day. By the time he got off work it was raining & he decided to wait until morning.

If he had gone that night, HeidiÕs grandfather Mike & daughter might not have survived & Heidi would never been born.

Heidi is in her 2nd year at Colo. State University and considering a career in interior designing.

We wish you the best.

2011 Scholarships Presented

The 35th Memorial was one that will be remembered with Love. We are so thankful for being able to continue to give Scholarships. Without the help of all of your generous donations this would not be possible again Thank you.

Below are the 6 recipients for 2011.

Hannah Appelbaum

Hannah is the Granddaughter of Joseph Appelbaum and step Granddaughter to his wife Norma. They both lost their lives trying to escape. This scholarship opportunity creates a connection to her Grandfather that she might never have had. If he were here she knows he would be interested in her life, and helping her succeed. She will be attending Ohio Wesleyan University and will be majoring in Astrophysics, and plans on going to graduate school, to get her PHD. This scholarship will help alleviate some of the financial burden.

Best of Luck to you Hannah.

Emily Griesedieck

The Flood Memorial Scholarship puts a positive light on a devastating tragedy, and the loss of my Great Grandfather Joseph Appelbaum and his wife Norma.With the scholarship money so kindly donated, Emily plan to start her journey as a college student this fall.She will be attending Meramec Community College where she has been taking subjects, and is currently enrolled. She knows her Great Grandfather and the rest of her family will be proud of her. Your kindness and support will not be forgotten. I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and perhaps one day I can help some one as you have helped me.

We wish you happiness Emily

Alex Griesedieck

This is a privilege to receive this Scholarship in Memory of my Great Grandfather Joseph Appelbaum and his wife Norma. I feel honored to be one of the recipients. I believe Joseph would be proud of me for continuing my education. Alex is currently enrolled in Meramec Community College and is studying to get his business degree. With this Scholarship he will continue along the path of education as he decides what direction to take. Thank you for helping me accomplish my goal.

We All Wish You Good Luck Alex

Molly Brand

Molly is a very talented young lady. She worked very hard from age 15 to achieve her PilotÕs license. Her dream is to become a commercial pilot.

That dream has taken her far from home to an Aviation College. She will be attending her 2nd year at Ohio University and is Majoring in Aviation. Her heart and mind is set on flying.. She is a minority in this field, but that does not discourage her. Her Great Grandfather Joseph Appelbaum and wife Norma would be very proud of her. Molly loves to fly, perhaps one day we can say that’s our Molly piloting this plane.

Good Luck in all you do Molly!

Kimberly LeAnn Waddle

Kimberly’s great grandmother Lylith Smith had came to visit her son Earl Smith at Drake. His children Timothy, Sarah & Jacob were visiting with him from Illinois. Timothy the oldest was spending a week at Church camp. His father was to pick him up August 1st. Timothy just 8 years old had no one there to pick him up. How does a stranger tell a little boy your daddy, grandmother, sister and brother have been washed away in a flood.

Kimberly is attending Middle Tennessee State University. She has several people she is doing this for, including the recent loss of her father. Her dream is to one day to be a forensic accountant and make her family very proud.

Kimberly keep up the good work!

Kayla M. Taylor

Kayla is the Great Grandaughter of Vernon and Nettie Oler. Their daughter Sue and 2 children were invited to spend the weekend in the mountains. Instead 2 friends Jack McKissack and Helen Jenkins decided to go. Sadly all 4 were lost, KaylaÕs G Grandpa Vernon was never found.

When I visit my grandmother Sue I still see the pain in her eyes, and wonder what it would have been like with Great Grandparents in my life. I have heard many wonderful stories of them. This scholarship will be a little bit of good coming out of all the sadness.

She has chosen the University of Colorado and is planning to major in the medical field.

Kayla remember they are your Guardian Angels and will be cheering you on, along with all of us.

  • 2010 Scholarships Presented

The 34th Memorial Service (2010) was remembered by those attending witnessing the awarding of the 2010 Scholarships.

Callie Marie Morningstar

Callie is the Great Grandchild of Leon and Dorothy Morningstar. Callie grew up in the same town Lisbon Iowa where her Great Grandparents lived at the time of the flood. Dorothy and Leon enjoyed vacationing in the Big Thompson Canyon.Callie is attending Coe College, in Cedar Rapids Iowa. It is a private College known for superior educational experiences. Her Major is Business and she has 3 years left. She is involved in Athletics and represents the College on the girl’s softball team. Congratulations Callie best of luck as you continue your career.

Megan Fitzpatrick

Megan is the Great Grand daughter of Frances Bokelman known as Nana. All of her life she has heard stories about this wonderful woman her Nana, how she made incredible meals, and taught them to play games. Megan has attended 3 years of college at Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, Co. Her Major is Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering. Unfortunately she is in the desert in Nevada, studying this summer and cannot be with us. Megan we are so happy to have this opportunity to keep your Great Grandmothers Memory alive.

Joseph Daniel Morningstar

Joey is the Great Grandson of Leon and Dorothy Morningstar, and a cousin to Callie. He has attended the John Brown University, for 2 years in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. His Major is Biblical and Theological Studies. In 2009 he had the opportunity of studying in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He says wisdom and advice learned outside the classroom, from men and women with different life experiences are one of the greatest things. Our blessings go with you as you continue this wonderful career.

Shelby Mae Korgan-Kramer

Shelby is the Great Grand daughter, of Claude and Mae Schell. The Schells lived in Greeley and came to the canyon about every weekend to relax in Cedar Cove where they loved to be. They did not know this one would be their last. Like all the other recipients Shelby never knew her Great grandparents. She has learned through memories from the rest of her family. Claude and Mae would be so proud of you & through this scholarship we can help keep their Memories alive. Shelby will be attending Front Range Community College in Fort Collins. She is pursuing the Medical field to become a Registered Nurse.  Shelby as you began your new adventure and your first year of College hold on to your Dreams. We know you will make a wonderful nurse.

Erin Christine Bass

Erin is the Great Grand daughter of Joseph Appelbaum Sr.. Joseph had just bought a new travel trailer and was camping at the Drake camp grounds the night of the Flood. He would be proud of Erin as she has lots of determination being dual-enrolled in St. Charles Community College as she finished her senior year. Erin is majoring in Associate of Arts. She is looking forward to being the first woman in their family to receive a College diploma. She will receive her MasterÕs degree later by attending 4 years at the University. Good Luck Erin with your future and keep your goals in site.

Kathryn Phelps

Kathryn is the Great Grand daughter of Frances Bokelman and a cousin to Megan. Many friends & family were headed for the Bokelman’s cabin at Drake for a family reunion the next day. Circumstances prevented some of them from arriving that night. Without a doubt they too would have perished along with the other 6 that night. Kathryn is beginning her third year at the University of Northern Co. in Greeley, and majoring in Nursing. She has the desire to help others, caring for sick takes a special person. She helped care for her father before he passed away with Cancer. You will make a great nurse, and bless the people you care for. Good Luck to you!

2009 Scholarships Presented

Awarding these 2009 Scholarships is a beautiful and rewarding effort. We give and get so much more in return. Its a pleasure getting to know these wonderful students. There smiles and hugs, tells how much it means to them.

Chris Carlson

Chris is the Grandson of Wes and Ellen Rogers. They had a cabin near Drake and came up to spend the weekend as they often did bringing their little 2 year old grand daughter Rochelle with them. Little Rochelle was never found. Chris has been attending the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He is majoring in Architecture and Urban Planning. It requires lots of dedication, and he spends many a nights, in the studio, building models and putting together presentation’s. Kathryn is his sister. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his career.

Kathryn Carlson

Kathryn is the Grand daughter of Wes and Ellen Rogers. She has attended the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Like all of the recipients she never knew her Grandparent’s. Kathryn says you learn a lot about them through stories and pictures. She is following in her mothers footsteps, and has majored in the nursing profession. She says she would like to help those suffering or to help comfort those who have lost a loved one. She feels that would make her Grandparent’s proud, and so do we. Kathryn has a big heart and will do exceedingly well as she enter this new career.

Alex Walthall

Alex is the Great Grandson of Charles Edwards Morton. Ed like so many others went to get his car to turn it around not knowing what was coming, you know the rest. His wife Teddy has since passed on. They lived near Glen Comfort. Alex has been attending Blinn College in Texas and will be going to Austin Community College this fall. He is Majoring in Education, and History. He is an ambitious good spirited young man, always thinking of others. Alex we believe you have a great future ahead of you. God Bless you!

Krysta Walthall

Krysta is the Great Grand Daughter of Ed Morton. The Grandparents are Charlene and Gordon Graham. Their mother Karen is taking classes to pursue a Graduate degree and is also a teacher. So it is plain to see why Krysta and her brother are majoring in Education. Krysta is attending Austin Community College in Texas. We are so fortunate to have young people wanting to be teachers in this day and age. Krysta is a fun loving young lady, and I am sure she keeps her brother in line!!!!! Krysta keep that big smile always, and the best of luck to you in this new adventure as you enter your first year of College.

2008 Scholarships Presented

The 32nd Memorial Service (2008) was remembered by those attending witnessing the awarding of the 2008 Scholarships.

Camille Brady

Camille is the Great Granddaughter of Claude and Mae Schell. They lived in Greeley & had a cabin in Cedar Cove. Camille has attended 2 years of College at Texas State University. She is very talented & majoring in Music Education. She would have loved to be here tonight, but has been traveling in England. Camille we want to wish you the very best in your career.

Arin Baun

Arin is the Great Grandson of Glenn & Gen Channer. They lived in Glen Haven losing their lives & their home. Arin has completed 1 year at Colorado State University & is majoring in Technical Journalism/Art. He is a talented young man & is planning for the future by learning to preserve historical knowledge such as the Big Thompson flood. He will do great at whatever he does. Good Luck Arin.

Kelsey Channer Baun

Kelsey is the Great Granddaughter of Glenn & Gen Channer. They lived in the Glen Haven area. She graduated this spring from High School in Fort Collins & will be attending her first year at Colorado State University. She is involved in a lot of leadership activities. Kelsey was named after her great grandparents the Channers. She is majoring in Business Management. Good Luck Kelsey Channer, you will do well.

2007 Scholarships Presented

The 31st Memorial Service (2007) was a complete success.  The Scholarships were awarded and a heartfelt gratitude was displayed.  We thought you might like to know who received these Scholarships.

Cassie Lasson

Cassie is the Granddaughter of Grandpa Doc Lee.  Grandpa Lee lived in the Big Thompson Canyon in Cedar Cove, along with her Grandma Mary, and Cassie’s Momma Sandy.  Cassie Graduated from Estes Park High School this spring.  She will be attending Front Range Community College and will be majoring in Fine Arts.  We wish her the best in her new career.

Tyler Vitale

Tyler  is the Great grandson of Gene and Faith Saunders.  His Great Grandparents were vacationing in the place they loved the most, Colorado’s Big Thompson Canyon.  They lived in Lawrence Kansas.  Tyler is attending Webster University, and is majoring in Film Production.  He lives in Ballwin, Mo. Good luck; perhaps we will view your work some day.

Julie Karkiewicz

Julie is the Granddaughter of Judy and Jack Plant. She also lost her Uncle Michael Plant in the flood.  Julie’s Grandparents lived in Bloomfield, Co.  Julie is from Mohomet, Illinois and is attending Illinois State University. She is majoring in Elementary Education.  We believe Julie will make a wonderful teacher and wish her the best in her career.

Christina Jacobson

Christina is the Great Granddaughter of Lois McCargo.  Lois lived in the Big Thompson Canyon, just above the narrows at the time of the flood.   Christina has attended C.S.U. in the past, but is presently attending Metro State College and working in Denver for Jr. Achievement.  She is a very out going young lady, who we are very proud of.  Christina we wish you loads of success in your career.