39th Memorial Remembrance Service 2015 Summary

39th Memorial Remembrance Service 2015 Summary

Wow we had another memorable service for the 39th year; everything had a special place & time. A Gentleman contacted me from Fort Collins and asks if it would be possible to have a service acknowledging the first responders that came in 1976 to rescue people & look for those missing. We were thrilled & willing to listen to his plans. His name is Dave Livinghouse such a kind sole with a big heart; he was a first responder himself for the Sheriffs dept. He started brainstorming & had several Good ideas, when one door closed he opened another, never getting discouraged.

The service was beautiful & very heartfelt. There were several first responders & dignitaries that spoke & Dave himself shared what he had held inside for so long. He got a balloon company who came to the firehouse & blew up 139 red balloons and 5 white ones for the ones never found all this done just before the service. He had it all figured out how many in one group on the rope and where to cut it. I know somehow he felt responsible for the ones never found. The releasing of the balloons was a way for the first responders to let them go after 39 years. Dave is a very compassionate man with a big heart, Thank you Dave for everything.

Philip Stephens (Mango) played and sang for the last time at our service, he is going back to Hawaii in Nov. to live; he will be missed so much he has always been willing to play & sing at our services. Thank you so much for sharing your tender heart, beautiful voice, and songs.

We presented three Scholarships this year one to Dinah Appelbaum, & Caleb Morningstar who could not attend & to Alyssa’s Emmons who’s mother Kim presented her scholarship in Memory of Lois McCargo her Great Grandmother, Kim’s Grandmother, & Lois was Marlene Johnson Mother. It was very special to have them all together for the service.

Our Speaker John Pellouchoud spoke of being a first responder in 1976, & his memories were still very vivid and still raw 39 years later. He then shared how he almost lost his life in the 2013 flood & had to be rescued himself. Very touching, thank you John for sharing your scariest moment of your life with us, we felt like we were there with you. If you would like to hear his story go to Shaun Boyd on channel 4 & goggle his name & I think you can hear it all. Well worth your time.

The candles were lit by Tina, as she lit each one Dave released the five white balloons for those never found, it was breath taking.

Our 40th Remembrance service, is coming way too fast, hope to see all of you there.

Thank you to all who helped to make this service possible.

God Bless you all, Shawn, Peggy, Marlene, and Barb

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