2010 Memorial Service Summary

2010 Memorial Service Summary

I can’t begin to tell you what you missed if you were not here, words cannot describe it. Every service has a special meaning, and this one truly did.

It began with Bruce Stark welcoming everyone and telling what he remembered about that night and the days that followed. (He lost his father in law, Ealy Lee) His description was unbelievable. I never knew what he went through.

I then talked about our brick layer Kit Kittenger and had him come forward so that all could see this wonderful man, who had stuck with us for 9 years. Seems impossible!!!! He did such a wonderful job and he was always ready and willing to come lay the bricks when we had another order ready. We can’t thank him enough for all he did. The best part is the lasting friendship we now have.

Lonnie Salyer then sang “Precious Memories” with such feeling; it came straight from his heart. Larry Flambeau from Keokuk Iowa Followed by telling of his horrible experience that night being in a tree hanging on for his life and Praying that he made it. Not a dry eye as he spoke of all he saw with the help of lighting as it was passing by him.  He saw Michael Conley going by hanging onto a telephone pole. He saw his brother in law be swept away, and the Henry family and others he did not know. What a night to never to be forgotten. We thank you Larry for sharing your memories and your most cherished ones of your beloved Brother in Law Greg Harmon. “God Bless you”

Shawn, Peggy, Marlene, and I  presented the Scholarships to Callie Morningstar, Megan Fitzpatrick, Joseph Morningstar, Shelby Korgan-Kramer, Erin Bass, and Kathryn Phelps, what a thrill to be able to present this many in one year.

Bruce spoke about our donations from the Duck race in Estes Park, receiving $1,159.00 from them this year. (So when I email you next spring about duck race tickets maybe you can help us get it higher, you know 19 of every $20 dollars comes back to us. We also received $1,000.00 from the Estes Park Community Thrift shop, selling books and other donations. It all adds up to a scholarship. As long as we have money we will continue to do them.

Tina Seaman then explained the reason for turning on the 5 candles as we have done since the 25th remembrance service. Those five represent the ones who were never found, Evelyn Kindred, Vernon Oler, George McCarty, Teresa Graham, and Rochelle Rogers. It was very touching and meaningful as she did so with shaking hands.

Lonnie then sang “Amazing Grace” and Joey Morningstar one of the recipients, closed with a beautiful Prayer.

The weather was beautiful. We went to the Association Building for refreshments and lots of visiting. It was great! Thank you to all who helped, and all who just pitched in. A special Thank you to the ones who drove so far to be with us and those who live here it was good to see each of you.

See you next year at the 35th. Remember to check the website now and then for changes.

Love to all of you.   Sincerely Barb

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