37th Remembrance Service July 31st 2013 Summary

37th Remembrance Service July 31st 2013 Summary

Do you ever wonder who really is in charge of the Memorial Service’s? One thing I know is it is not us!!!!!.

Each time after the service my mind starts wondering as to what next year will bring. The services are always very heartfelt and meaningful, directed by Gods leading.

This service was also just that. Jodi (Zeiler) Bell spoke with me last year and asked me if I knew she sang and played the Gautier, (to music her mom wrote). Of course I didn’t, but said I would kept it in my notes and I did then contacted her later and ask if would like to sing at this year’s memorial service, she of course said yes. She sang “Hello to you” and “With God’s Love” with great poise. Her mom would have been as proud of her as was Jodi’s daughter, husband, Grama, Aunt, and family. To lose your Momma at age 4 then 33 years later sing the songs she wrote at the 37th Remembrance Service was an honor for us and a blessing for her. Thank you to Jodi for sharing this very sad, but special part of your life with us.

Rev. John Carlson Jodi’s Pastor gave the Message “The Healing River” It was so wonderful and meaningful for all those at the service. His message will be attached for all to read.

We were very proud to present 6 scholarships this year. Special Thank You to Lee Lasson who explained how the Estes Park Duck Race works, and to all of you who adopted a duck or 6 plus several won prizes, it is a lot of work and very rewarding. We received $2,204.00 back from them. Then also we also received $2,000.00 from the Estes Park Community Thrift shop. That gave us enough for 4 full Scholarships. If you have stuff to get rid of the Thrift shop is a great place to take it. We are so thankful for both donations.

As the Candles were being lit for those 5 never found, Jodi was singing “One day at a time sweet Jesus”. A family member was present for each, Teresa Graham, her father Bob, Evelyn Kindred, her son Gordon, George McCarty, represented by Tina, Vernon Oler, his Daughter Sue, Rochelle Rogers, her sister Jana and niece Gabrielle.

John Carlson closed in Prayer, and we all had snacks and a time of visiting.

Thank you to all who attended, and May We Never Forget.

Sincerely Barb, Shawn, Marlene, and Peggy

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