41st Memorial Service 2017 Summary

2017 Forty One years after the 1976 Big Thompson flood, people who had never attended the memorial service, are still blessing us with their presence. All of the stories of where, when and what they were doing that night, are both heart wrenching and amazing to hear.

The program consisted of some of our favorites, Daryle Klassen, Jerry Shaffer, and Pastor Paul Logue. Bob Graham graciously agreed to share his memories of that night with us. He spoke through the tears as he relived that fateful night when he lost his mother Clara, wife Bev and daughters Teresa and Lisa. By the grace of God and Bob’s will to survive he made it through the darkness and into the morning light. Thank you, Bob, for having the courage to share your experience with us.

The Big Thompson Memorial Scholarship fund was honored to present four scholarships last year. The recipients were as follows: Drew Lang, Haley Haskell, Trenton Drake Allison, and Shannon Peistrup. We have been so blessed to be able to continue presenting the Scholarships, and will continue as long as there are funds to do so.

At the end of the service, the BTCFM board asked for a show of hands giving two choices, the first being to continue having a service each year as we have in the past, or have a potluck with folks bringing a covered dish. It was decided that we would look forward to having the covered dish for the next couple of year and look at having a more structured services on the 45thand 50th anniversaries. We will keep you updated as the years go by. We don’t want to lose contact with any of you so if any of you get a new Email or call, please contact us  Barbie39btc@yahoo.com or 970-667-6465.

The BTVFD have been so gracious to let us to use their building the past few year, The volunteer firemen keep an eye on the Memorial, and scoop snow when we can’t get up there. We are so blessed to have them looking out for the Memorial. If you see a can sitting out for donations to the firemen stick a few dollars in to show your appreciation.

For the 2018 gathering, we will have a time of remembering the lost, and presentation of the Scholarships. We have 4 scholarships to be presented, which is exciting. In changing the way we are doing this, you’re loved one’s will always be remembered. Likely on the 45th and the 50th we will have a service with a program. You can call me at 970-667-6465 or Marlene 303-683-2832 if you have any questions or suggestions. See you on the 31st at 7:00 PM.

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